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Trevor Young, the owner of Legacy Outdoor Services

Hi, I’m Trevor, the owner of Legacy Outdoor Services. I know having someone dig through your yard is a headache you don’t want to deal with. That’s why I’ve answered some of the most common questions I’ve received, but I’m more than happy to address any remaining concerns.

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Yes, we provide warranties for our outdoor projects. We offer a 1-year craftsmanship warranty, covering any flaws in the installation or construction of the project.

Additionally, our plant materials are covered by warranty if we install the sprinklers, and we take care of setting the irrigation timing to ensure proper watering. Our material warranty, including plant material, is also valid for 1 year.

An outdoor living space goes beyond a simple patio; it encompasses a complete project with various elements such as a patio, covering, and additional features. It’s a well-designed extension of your indoor living area, blurring the line between the interior and exterior spaces of your home.

Xeriscaping thrives on low-water and drought-tolerant plants that require minimal irrigation while maintaining their beauty throughout the year. Some excellent choices include lariope, holly bushes, boxwood, juniper trees, and oak trees.

Notably, our team goes the extra mile by personally installing plants, ensuring utmost care and precision in their placement for optimal growth and visual appeal.

No, dishwashers are not recommended for outdoor kitchens due to their exposure to the elements and potential water damage. Dishwashers are best suited for indoor use.
We proudly serve all homeowners in Bryan and College Station in Brazos County, Texas.
The ideal landscape design for Texas is one that embraces drought-resistant and low-maintenance elements, aligning with the principles of xeriscaping. This approach not only conserves water resources but also ensures that your outdoor space remains vibrant and beautiful with minimal upkeep.

By opting for drought-tolerant plants and strategic design, xeriscapes require less water compared to traditional grass lawns. This reduction allows you to save money on water bills while contributing to water conservation efforts.

Additionally, xeriscaping allows you to optimize your irrigation system by reducing the number of zones, further maximizing water efficiency.

On average, our fence installation process takes about 2 days from start to finish. The first day involves removing existing fencing and setting up the fence posts. We allow the posts to sit overnight for the concrete to harden. On the next day, we install the pickets and complete the fence assembly.

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